JANUARY 2022 – 4:20 FinancialFlash

Happy New Year!

3 Topics – in under 4:20!

1. Investor Interest

We ended 2021 in San Fran with EMC at 3 events – for fintech and investors. EMC took the stage 3 times. What drew cheers? Leading the drive to “normalize financial services” – and that EMC leadership has done this before and will drive the Coalition to do it again. Check out Kirsten Trusko’s discussion with Greg Hasty of Highly Capitalized – here and below!

Planning 22. Decades of relationships and success with investors in high risk market is paying off for EMC and members. In 22 are already 6 events through Q2 – some large, some invite only for EMC members. (note… add list of our planned ‘22 events through June 30th to calendar?). If you want branding or intro’s email us by clicking here!

2. National Standards – Setting the Bar in Cannabis Money

Leveraging what we learned in our last high-risk market – to gain buy in from legislators, regulators, law enforcement. Write your own standards before someone else writes them (poorly) for you. EMC as industry coalition, has partnered with National Association of Cannabis Businesses (NACB) to craft national standards for cannabis FS.

  • Cash Management to release Q1
  • Payments/Payment Processing has started this month (January 2022)
  • Any EMC member can participate and have a voice in these working groups –  email EMC to get involved!  Not a member yet – but want to get involved, we welcome hearing from you on how we can work together!

3. Government – Educate, Advocate, Protect, Promote!

“You can’t beat city hall”, but we can influence DC. How? Our own PPP – proactive positive presence. EMC has been asked – as the industry coalition 501c3 – by FS legislators, regulators, law enforcement, and associations of banking and cannabis industry leaders – to co-host an invite only event in DC Q1-Q2 with purpose of educating and advocating the mission of normalizing financial services and making all transactions “transparent, traceable, taxable – and safe!”. If you’re interested in participating, please email EMC – we look forward to having an amazing event that is impactful for our movement.

We look forward to a happy, healthy, prosperous and productive 2022.

We’d love for you to get In touch! Drop us a note and get involved!

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