FinTech Entrepreneur., Corporations and non profits Former CEO IPA.org

“A cash-heavy, fast growing, regulated market with little access to full financial services.  This seemed like a problem to be solved, especially by our Founders, who have successes in normalizing banking for several cash-heavy industries – so we founded EMC to bring together the best industry players to do collective/ collaborative work needed to benefit all.”

Chair DAMA, Investor

“DAMA has joined EMC as a Founders’ Circle member to play a leading role in setting the gold standard for compliance and risk. The founders of EMC did this in prepaid…another cash intensive industry…and will do the same here but faster … to get out ahead of the speed of dramatic growth while assuring full transparency, security and trackability.”

Founders’ Experience with Emerging Markets:

The founding members have successfully helped to normalize banking for a number of underserved, cash heavy markets. Most recently, they led the prepaid industry when it was similarly situated – driving collaboration across the industry, to Educate and Advocate with legislators, regulators, media, and advocacy groups. Now prepaid is a mainstream product, fully regulated, and normalized into the US financial services market. EMC is seeking to do the same with cannabis financial services – to proactively establish and engage with government, media, and civic organizations for positive, factual, transparent influence and impact.