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Member Spotlight

Dan Roda, CEO

Cannabis Cash Steps Into Digital Future

Cannabis financial services provider Abaca has partnered with Staley Technologies and CIMA to digitize one of the last remaining analog aspects of the industry - cash management.

National Association of Cannabis Businesses & Emerging Markets Coalition Partner to Develop National Cash Management Standards for Cannabis

The NACB and the EMC have formed a strategic alliance to develop a National Standard for Cash Management for the cannabis industry.

As Cannabis Spending Soars, NACB Joins Emerging Market Coalition To Create Cash Management Standards


“The Emerging Markets Coalition is excited to be partnering with NACB in developing standards. This is a collaboration of both the banking and cannabis industries to ensure pragmatic and prudent practices to support the transparency and anti-crime efforts necessary in a cash heavy industry” EMC co-founder and CEO Kirsten Trusko said.

Cannabis Financial Services:
Opportunities & Challenges

A new whitepaper by: Kirsten Trusko, Kelly Whyman and Sarah Londberg

“On the road to normalization in the emerging market of cannabis financial services - there is a flood of information but a dessert of facts...”

Member Spotlight

Johntae James, CEO

NatureTrak CEO works to legitimize legal cannabis businesses

James is the founder and CEO of Sacramento-based NatureTrak, an accounting and tracking system for financial institutions to be able to create an auditable supply chain record for their legal cannabis business customers.

Why Leaders Join EMC
Zane Gilmer, Partner
Stinson LLP

“As the need for solutions to the cash basis for the emerging markets grows, we joined EMC to work with other leaders in the space to identify solutions that work in the legal and regulatory environment.”

Cash Banking in Cannabis
The time is right for Cannabis and Banking to succeed together

EMC’s Kirsten Trusko and Kelly Whyman of Seed to CPA talk with Trichomes about the opportunities and challenges…

Why Leaders Join EMC

Trent Sorbe, CEO
Central Payments

“Regardless of the legislative status surrounding cannabis banking, the industry will always need an organization to lead the development of best practices. We joined EMC because we recognize its potential to foster collaboration and thought-leadership.”


What is the Emerging Markets Coalition?

The Emerging Markets Coalition (“EMC”) is a member-driven advocacy and educational organization for financial services in highly cash based and underserved markets. Our 1st targets are  the cannabis related industries (hemp, CBD, Cannabis). EMC advocates and drives for the normalization, electronification, and increased accessibility to full financial services for the cannabis-related industries – enabling these businesses to operate as do other legal businesses in a growing, regulated, emerging market.








Why join EMC?

Be part of the powerful joint voice of top financial services and cannabis-related industry players, to proactively drive relationships and workable legislation, regulation, law enforcement, IRS rules, media, and public perception.  By pooling resources, expertise, influence, and networks – the whole is greater than the sum of the parts, and than anyone player acting alone. The return on investment (“ROI”) in EMC Membership is over 20x. EMC membership is open to all stakeholders in this ecosystem, who agree to follow EMC Best Practices and Code of Conduct.

Membership is open to all stakeholders in cannabis related industries and financial services.  Membership tiers are based on the size of the organization and the level of influence, presence and benefit desired.

To learn more about how your organization will benefit by joining EMC, contact us at 202-964-0522 or send us an email


Due to the present federal status of cannabis, many EMC financial services
members choose to not be listed


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