This new document’s goal is to give an overview of the payment options that are available at the state level that might, if properly used and implemented, be legal within the applicable state and which might avoid triggering federal law enforcement action.

Thank you for joining us for Cannamoney: Fact, Fiction, Forecast
Thank you for joining us for Cannamoney: Fact, Fiction, Forecast

Fact, Fiction, Forecast
Moderated by EMC’s Kirsten Trusko

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Member Spotlight Tony Repanich, President a
Member Spotlight

Tony Repanich, President and CEO
Shield Compliance

Shield Compliance transforms how financial institutions serve the legal cannabis market. Its purpose-built BSA/AML compliance management software solution sits behind the financial institution to simplify compliance, automate processes across multiple data sources, create efficiencies, unlock new revenue, and scale operations. With real-time monitoring and comprehensive reporting capabilities, Shield Compliance sets the standard for compliance excellence in cannabis banking.

EMC: Out of the Weeds
EMC: Out of the Weeds

EMC was privileged to have the Honorable Rodney E. Hood as its keynote speaker for their Out of the Weeds
4:20 FinancialForum in Washington, D.C. Read his complete remarks by clicking the button

Cannabis, Capitol Hill & Progress - without an Act of Congress
Cannabis, Capitol Hill & Progress - without an Act of Congress

Join EMC, K&L Gates, and top leaders in cannabis, banking, payments & insurance. Hear about progress on The Hill that will NOT require an act of Congress, and how this may impact access to full financial services for ALL

Risk Management & Insurance Guidelines coming soon

Latest Cannabis Payments Guidelines

Updated Risk Management and Insurance Guidelines Coming Soon.

Cannabis Financial Services:
Cannabis Financial Services:
Opportunities & Challenges

A new whitepaper by: Kirsten Trusko, Kelly Whyman and Sarah Londberg

“On the road to normalization in the emerging market of cannabis financial services - there is a flood of information but a dessert of facts...”


Origin story: One of our co-founders has applied her banking/AML expertise to be involved for years in anti-human trafficking – “follow the money” to catch the bad guys In 2019, law enforcement called with a large case, with a kingpin of many criminal networks including child trafficking. But in this case, all of the money was cannabis cash with no electronic trail – driving an extreme challenge in efforts to “follow the money”. It was then, in learning that even licensed cannabis businesses had limited access to full financial services (FS) – that EMC was born.

We all know that in a society, too much cash – if opaque as it moves – can draw and facilitate all types of criminals and crimes, be unsafe for employees and residents, and reduces legitimate businesses taxes to fuel growth, education, and safety.

EMC’s 2 co-founders have had success in an earlier high-risk FS market – to pass legislation, change tax treatment, build positive relationships with law enforcement, and drive well accepted positive media. That market was where cannabis FS is now, being negatively impacted by misperceptions (by government and by the FS and cannabis industries about each other), and misinformation. But now is a well-accepted profitable FS product set, fully serving a high risk market.

From the above, grew the simple goal of EMC – to make financial transactions Transparent. Traceable. Taxable. In the 4 years since EMC was founded, added are:

  • Cash CAN be transparent with proper technology & processes.
  • Traceable can now work with a variety of e-pay platforms and with cash.
  • Taxable – add “fairly” to respect the current taxation challenges, including the Federal status of cannabis triggering IRS 280E.
  • Having a fully functioning transparent compliant FS ecosystem to serve any industry – helps to drive growth, cost savings, fair/equitable FS to businesses and their employees, and reduces crime to increase safety.

What is the Emerging Markets Coalition?

EMC is non-profit 501c3 trade coalition of financial services (FS) companies involved in all things money in cannabis – banking, payments, insurance, lending, retirement, and investors. We serve as the front face for FS – to government (legislative, regulatory, law enforcement, taxation), industry, trade organizations, media, advocacy groups & academia.

EMC serves to educate, advocate, protect, and promote on behalf of its Members, and Alliances. It leads the drive to normalize FS – across the 3-legged stool of: government, cannabis, and FS. More education and collaboration can increase the number of FS companies involved, making FS more widely and equitably available, with a broader/deeper set of compliant and competitively priced offerings.

EMC is led by the Executive Council – FS leaders whose companies collectively serve ~90% of US cannabis businesses and ~85% of the US financial institutions actively serving this industry. EMC is informed by the cannabis industry via the Advisory Council – which includes the largest cannabis operators, alliances, and trade coalitions.
This gives EMC great reach, vision, influence, network, and impact to this emerging and growing FS market.









Why join EMC?

Be part of the powerful collective voice of top Financial Services(FS) companies – to proactively drive change. Join the drive to build & leverage relationships with law enforcement, legislators, regulators, IRS, media – for workable rules and positive collaboration.

Membership is open to all FS companies who agree to follow the EMC Best Practices and Code of Conduct. Membership tiers are based on the size of the organization and desired level of influence, presence,and benefit

To learn more about how your organization will benefit by joining EMC, contact us at 202-964-0522 or send us an email


Due to the present federal status of cannabis, many EMC financial services
members choose to not be listed


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For more information contact:
Kirsten Trusko, CEO

Thank you for your interest in EMC. If you’d like to learn more about us, including our upcoming events, please complete the form below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Emerging Markets Coalition (“EMC”) is a Delaware nonprofit, nonstock corporation that has obtained tax-exempt status as a public charity under Section 501(c)(3) of the federal tax code.