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Cannabis Banking and Payments Fact vs Fiction.

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Aite Report Summary

EMC commissioned this study from Aite (top global fintech and banking research house)  to help capture the opportunities and risks in cannabis – written in “bankers’ speak” saying that this highly regulated industry is one that requires strict compliance and transparency from all legitimate companies.  The goal is to broaden the base of competitive offerings across the full financial services spectrum (banking, payments, insurance, investing, etc). For more information contact

Aite EMC Cash in the U.S. Legal Cannabis Market




Trichomes hosted EMC Kirsten trusko Podcasts:—The-High-Ground-f-Kirsten-Trusko-of-EMC.
Along with her experience in payments, part of her organization’s mission is to actually normalize and electronify cannabis payments, as well as facilitate collaboration between cannabis and banking. Kirsten talks about the history between cannabis and banking, as well as take a little look at the Eaze case. Jesse and Kirsten also dig into the options that exist currently for cannabis businesses, and talk about the multiple risks involved with handling that much cash.
Quotes EMC CEO/Co-founder Kirsten Trusko, talks about EMC’s financial industry education and best practices for the cannabis industry. When you’re in a cash business.., “people commit fraud by trading on your insecurity.” Trusko said a lot of employee weak spots can be addressed with training, with employers telling employees, “I don’t care who calls you, unless I walk in this door and tell you to open that safe and hand it out. You’re not giving it to anybody.” And, she continued, “it can serve as a springboard for additional education – making a positive out of it with more consideration toward best practices.”