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EMC’s 4:20 FinancialForum

February 26, 2020 – 1535 Folsom St., San Francisco

The Event

EMC’s 4:20 FinancialForum – 02/26/2020

Normalizing financial services (FS banking/payments/insurance) for legal cannabis-related business (CRB) benefits all – the CRBs, FS providers, investors, lawmakers, and communities. Creating a more transparent, secure, compliant CRB banking ecosystem attracts investment, growth, and profits on the business side, and drives greater security and funding for thriving communities.

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Kirsten Trusko
CEO & Co-Founder
Emerging Markets Coalition

Marisa Rodriguez
Director, Office of Cannabis
City and County of San Francisco

EMC’s 4:20FinancialForum

Cannabis money and FinTech – “Biggest greenfield or too grey to play?” How do you cull the facts from fiction? Hear from Insiders –  with in-the-trenches expertise. Attendees at both events: investors, FinTech, banks, government, cannabis related businesses (CRBs), and leadership from firms in MJ & FS: legislative, regulatory/compliance, legal, accounting, tax, etc.


4:00 – 4:20 p.m. Registration, get a drink and a seat

4:20 – 4:30 p.m. Welcome and thank you to our event host C-Money – Kirsten Trusko
Kick off Dan Henry Co-founder EMC, CEO Dama Financial

4:30 – 4:50 p.m. Marisa Rodriguez, SF Dir of Office of Cannabis.(

4:50-5:50.  Panel topic: The real story – opportunities and challenges in cannabis related FinTech and financial services. What’s real, what here, what’s coming – especially in an election year.
Panel is comprised of top experts in regulatory, legal, cannabis, FinTech
Kirsten Trusko, moderator, Co-Founder and CEO of EMC

  • Jan Owens, former CBDO CA state regulator, Manatt Law .
  • Richie Thorne, former Federal Reserve Bank regulator in CO, Dama Financial
  • Jontae James, channeling the CRB view – cannabis related business compliance and financial services, NatureTrak
  • Taylor Ohlson, comprehensive financial services solution (payroll, payments, loyalty, merchant solution). C-Money

5:50 – 6:00 p.m. Q&A
6:00 wrap up and call to action EMC Founding Circle Member Dwayne Jones, FourCornersNetwork
6:10 – 7:00 p.m. Cocktail and Networking

Also: EMC has commissioned the 1st Aite study in cannabis financial services and FinTech – stats, facts, forecasts. Sneak peak out 2/18, and 2/26 full report due early March.

The EMC 4:20Financial Forums across the US have facilitated some powerful introductions – investors, buyers, partners, clients.  Hope you’ll attend and invite others!

About EMC

Emerging Markets Coalition is a new 501c6 focused on normalizing banking for cash heavy markets. EMC’s sole current purpose is to drive active effective collaboration of the CRB and the FS industries in educating and advocating for transparent, secure, trackable and accountable legal cannabis money. Membership includes a diverse base of CRB and FS businesses across the banking and cannabis ecosystem – any company who pays or receives money, and agrees to EMC’s highest bar in Best Practices and Code of Conduct, may apply to join EMC.

Cash is opaque, making it difficult to track, trace, and tax, thus attracting criminal activity in money laundering, terrorist finance and human trafficking. Cash heavy markets can be a threat to the safety and security of our country, communities and schools.

EMC’s founders have done this before – converting legal cash-heavy businesses to mainstream banking – driving collaboration for success across all industry sectors and setting the highest bar for legislative/regulatory policy and rulemaking, industry Best Practices, and media optics. This has been done by leading collaboration of energy, resources, and connections – to drive greater certainty resulting in high sustainable growth, attracting investors, and gaining acceptance by governments, businesses, civic organizations and consumers.

Dan Henry
CEO – DAMA Financial
Co-Founder – EMC

“DAMA has joined EMC as a Founders’ Circle member to play a leading role in setting the gold standard for compliance and risk. The founders of EMC did this in prepaid…another cash intensive industry…and will do the same here but faster … to get out ahead of the speed of dramatic growth while assuring full transparency, security and trackability.”

Paul Bryant
CEO – CMoney

“The EMC and its members will provide the financial expertise needed to solve the current financial challenges that frustrate everyone who has a stake in cannabis industry — including business owners (who cannot secure banking services), political entities (who cannot collect taxes) and members of the public (who are concerned about the dangers associated with the accumulation of large sums of cash).”

Registration details for EMC’s 4:20FinancialForum

The EMC events are at no charge, but please DO RSVP so we have a headcount.   There will be a no host bar with suggested contributions for drink tickets to fund EMC as a 501c6.   Try the EMC signature SpeakEasy Cocktail!

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